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Guidelines, Resources, and Help



Registration for participation is required in the Photo Gallery, Data Links, and Information Exchange web sites. Registrations are used to keep out, well unworthy components. Registration is not immediate, one extra step of administrative approval is required, again to help keep out unworthy components. If you decide to register, the process may take a few hours to a few days.

Photo Gallery  Please Read

In the Photo Gallery you should keep in mind that the Galleries you create can be public, private, or shared with the registered photo gallery community. After creating an Album and uploading your photos or movies you should go to the top of the page to "My Gallery".  After clicking "My Gallery" you will be taken to a list of your albums you created. To the right of each album are some options listed, click on "Properties". Under "Permissions for this album" you will find "Album can be viewed by", you should have 3 choices. Recommended is "Members of the Registered group". That will allow only members that are registered to view what you have created. You can also make your Album private. The last choice "Everybody public" will allow the General Population access to thumbnail views of your albums. The choice is yours. 


 Hopefully all of the components are working correctly. Below are Resources that may help you find to answers. If not please email Frank with the details.