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No need to make things complicated...

Right now, is nearing completion and has five components:,,, Data Links, and Photo Gallery. is the main page and at the moment offers you four links: Information Exchange, (, Penn Lake Weather (, Data Links (Links for you), and the Photo Gallery. is a member driven information exchange site encapsulated in a content management portal. The portal offers several methods for members to share and exchange ideas. News Articles, Chat boxes, Forums, and Newsletters are just a few ways offers it's members to participate in information exchange.  Membership is restricted, after you register, your admission must first be reviewed by the administrators of the group and approval must come from at least one administrator before you are admitted to the group. is a weather site dedicated to the weather with an emphasis on Penn Lake Park Borough in Pennsylvania. The weather sites primary function is to support my hobby and to provide you with the results of my interest in the form of the local current weather conditions. Links to other weather interests, and the Penn Lake area, are also included throughout the site.

Data Links is a web page that allows the registered user to share places of interest on the web. By going to the Data Links page you can view links of interest on the web posted by registered users. You are invited to join and contribute to the Data links page; once again acceptance of registration and submitted links are done by the administrators. If your link does not fit into one of the existing categories, new categories can be created to meet the criteria of your specific links.

Registration is the only way you can post your photos in the Photo Gallery. You can create general or private photo albums to meet your needs. Share photos with the public or only family and friends. You can also comment on your gallery and other galleries.  From this Photo Gallery you can even create and send an E-Card from your Photos to your family or friends.

Hopefully all of the components are working. If not please email Frank with the details. For additional information please refer to the Guidelines, Resources, and Help link below.